15 Oct

What does Hormone Disruptor Mean?

When you start investigating chemicals in common household and cometic products you will come across the term ´hormone disruptor´ or “endocrine disruptor” . Our endocrine system is the system that secretes our hormones to the inside of our body. This includes our reproductive area, for both men and women, which is responsible for our ability to be fertile. Also our thyroid which plays a significant role in our metabolism and energy and our adrenal glands which are related to our cardiovascular system, immune system and sex hormones. Sleep hormones are secreted from the pineal gland and govern the quality of our sleep.

If you are using products that have hormone disrupting chemicals in them, they are interrupting your normal bodily functions. They could be contributing to fertility problems, lack of energy, blood pressure issues, insomnia, low sex drive and even causing cancerous tumours.

How do Endocrine disruptors work?

  1. By increasing production of certain hormones
  2. By decreasing production of certain hormones
  3. By imitating hormones
  4. By turning one hormone into another
  5. By interfering with hormone signalling
  6. By telling cells to die prematurely
  7. By competing with essential nutrients
  8. By binding to essential hormones
  9. By accumulating in organs that produce hormones

Where would you find these chemicals?

  1. Cosmetics – skin care, nail care
  2. Shampoos and conditioners
  3. Air fresheners
  4. Cleaning products
  5. Food storage – plastics and canned products

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